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Working to decrease gun violence through community outreach and education

Gabe’s Red Balloon Foundation
is a Toronto-based non-profit organization that seeks to provide young people with hope for the future by supporting their life’s journey through education and mentoring.

The Gabriel Nikov Memorial Award

Open until July 13, 2021

What We Do

Organize musical events and sell products to raise money for our scholarship fund.

All proceeds go toward fulfilling material and organizational needs in support of selected candidates in the education system. Our funds provide food, clothing, transportation, education supplies, and support a peer mentoring system. We also support research on causes of, and remedies for violence in the GTA.

How You Can Help

Support our education fund by attending our events and/or purchasing products Volunteer your time to support our campaign by canvassing, helping with fundraising events, or mentoring in-need students

Poverty, Education, and Gun Violence in the GTA


of children under 18 live in poverty in the city of Toronto


more high school dropouts in Toronto’s poorest neighbourhoods


Rise in gun death between 2015 and 2017


Shooting victims in 2017

Your Donation Makes a Difference

Join us in our fight to decrease these statistics by helping students in need of support find a clearer path to educational success.

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